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Beginner's Program    

No background?
No problem. Everything is picked up from bottom. The Guzheng teacher is patient and pay much attention to students' elementary techniques, basic hand actions which would make a big difference in advanced study. Thus it is important to form the good habit from the beginning. 
To be honest,
Such kind of focus really takes effort for teaching the basic level student. Chinese call it as “基本功”.

At the end of each class, the teacher would give some simple homework. As long as student could practice one hour after class, the student can find him/herself a big difference after two or three month's study.

Almost all the students following the instruction, without any background,  use 8 to 10 months to finish the study of Level 1 to 3, including all the songs required in the standard textbook. 
A record is that one student can perform in public after half year's hard learning while she started from zero.


Advanced Level     

Diploma level and level 4 to 8 are available which are consistent with NAFA Guzheng Exam.


The Guzheng teacher is familiar with almost everything concerning music exam, NAFA or NUS Exam. 
Besides, lots of  the songs in exam list are already covered in class.


Advantage of 1-1 teaching (both for beginner and advanced level)
Teacher can focus on the student and handle the speed of class more enjoyable with respect to student. Teaching plan or the schedule could be more reasonable to student. Time for class is also flexible. In general, student can learn faster and have more confidence in himself/herself. 

For fees, lower than most music instrument store or music school.
Might be lowest among 1-1 teaching with respect to teacher's background.

If interested, sms 85230210. 
The place is at 52 Choa Chu Kang North 6, Yew Tee. To instruct at student's house is extraly charged. 


Casual Lesson or Having Fun Lesson     

If you prefer modern style music works or BGM of Japanese Cartoon, we could conduct having fun lesson.

当今世代,动漫文化是创造好音乐的温床之一,其原始作品(BGM,OP, ED)大多为电子音乐,适当改编到其他乐器平台,往往不失为二次创作的良好素材。  

The fees for such lessons contains extra charge for writing the scores.


Guzheng Needed?

Yes, highly recommended. It is for self practice after class. Practice helps you absorb what teacher says. 

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