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Zhengyun music studio offers different level of 1 to 1 Guzheng lesson, from beginner level to Diploma level, plus Having-fun lesson.

We are offering a wide range of DunHuang Guzheng.
Cheaper Price than any Music Store is guranteed. 
All are directly from ShangHai MinZuYueQi Yi Chang. (上海民族乐器一厂) not Yun Pai. 


Backgrounds of teacher

A:BA of music + major in Guzheng + more than 3 years' CCA teaching + more than 8 years' 1-1 teaching + performing in Spring Festival Gala, etc. 

The teacher leads students to participate in “Hong Kong International Arts Invitational: Qin and Zheng, Poetry and Music" administered by International Chinese Musicians Coalition and Chinese National Instrumental Music Association.
Two group of students were both awarded “First prizewinner of Juvenile Team” .



筝韵中心在中国是上海民族乐器一厂敦煌古筝的江苏总代理,欢饮预订。如玉影长驻的檀木系列(收藏级别),如最受欢迎的694KK蕉窗夜雨,694DQ、696D双鹤朝阳, 还有渔舟唱晚等。




Lowest price Guaranteed!

DunHuang Guaranteed!

Call now for a surprise! 

(+65)  85230210

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